How Long Does It Take To Be Released From A Pomona Jail?

Being detained in custody is not something most people would consider as being a great past time. Following an arrest, an individual is taken to a nearby law enforcement station to be processed, and booked. Their photograph is taken, they are fingerprinted, and all personal effects are taken. This includes cell phone, money, and anything else they are carrying at the time. This is when most people will try to get assistance from a good bail bonds firm like ours.

If a family member, or even close friend has called you for assistance in securing their release from custody, make sure you gather as much information as possible. Being able to provide our bail bonds company with the person’s full legal name, where they are being held, and what the charges are, will of course help speed up the process of getting the person released.

Pomona Bail Bonds will require you to fill out some paperwork and organize the bail bond fee. This particular part of the process doesn’t take too long, especially if you’ve been able to provide the above information, as well as be either able to pay the fee, or organize a payment plan. Our bail bonds firm will then post the bail in order to have the defendant released.

A lot of people may worry about the length of time that the release process actually takes. There is a lot of variables that unfortunately come in to play. Most of the time taken to release someone will very much depend on which law enforcement station they have been taken to, how big it is, and of course, how busy they are. It’s natural to assume that if a station is busy, it’s going to take longer to process someone than that of a station that isn’t busy. Be prepared to have to wait between 1 and 12 hours to have your loved one released.

Pomona Bail Bonds will of course be doing everything in our power to have your loved one released as soon as at all possible, however, like you, we will have to wait for the arrested person to go through the booking process first. We will also not be able to post bail until you have signed the paperwork, and organize the legally required bail bond fee.

If you do happen to be in a position where you need the best bail bond company in the industry, do not hesitate to call our office on (909) 634-2626. As we are available on a 24/7 basis, you are assured that we will be there to assist you, right when you need us most. Our website also contains a wealth of valuable information.